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Architectural Photography of Ayios Sozomenos

The blog of Simon Kennedy,¬†Architectural Photographer¬†based in London. Architectural Photography of Ayios Sozomenos, close to Nicosia, Cyprus. This village was destroyed during the Turkish-Cypriot/Greek-Cypriot conflicts during the 1960’s that lead to the partitioning of the island. A very strange, affecting and eerie place, if interested you can read the Time magazine report of this battle […]

Quadrant three

Architectural Photography of Quadrant 3, Regents Palace Hotel. Quadrant three, or the Regents Palace Hotel, as reinterpreted by Dixon Jones Architects. Near Regent Street in central London, 420,000 square feet of accommodation are provided, including 200,000 square feet of office, 54,000 square feet of retail and nearly 10,000 square feet of housing. The scheme also […]

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