Architectural Photography of Ayios Sozomenos

The blog of Simon Kennedy,¬†Architectural Photographer¬†based in London. Architectural Photography of Ayios Sozomenos, close to Nicosia, Cyprus. This village was destroyed during the Turkish-Cypriot/Greek-Cypriot conflicts during the 1960’s that lead to the partitioning of the island. A very strange, affecting and eerie place, if interested you can read the Time magazine report of this battle […]

Architectural Photography of a Housing Scheme in Rumbeke

The blog of Simon Kennedy, Architectural Photographer based in London. This housing scheme was designed by Tompkins-Rygole Architects. The project achieves a high-density of residences in a collective housing scheme in Rumbeke, a suburb in the region of Flanders, Belgium. Despite this density, each residence maintains uncompromised privacy, while still enjoying a a large amount […]