Interior architectural photography. 1 of 10
Interior architectural photography
Photograph of black-clad stairway. 2 of 10
Photograph of black-clad stairway
Interior photography of atrium and open studio. 3 of 10
Interior photography of atrium and open studio
London Architectural Photographer. 4 of 10
London Architectural Photographer
Exterior Sustainability Turbine. 5 of 10
Exterior Sustainability Turbine
Turbine approach walkway. 6 of 10
Turbine approach walkway
Cladding component blades. 7 of 10
Cladding component blades
Access ladder visible through cladding. 8 of 10
Access ladder visible through cladding
Ground plane fuelled cooling. 9 of 10
Ground plane fuelled cooling
West London external glazing. 10 of 10
West London external glazing

Simon Kennedy is a London Architectural Photographer working with architects, engineers, developers, designers, artists, journalists and visualisation companies to produce iconic architectural images and video (All images copyright Simon Kennedy, London Architectural Photographer)