Simon Kennedy is a London Architectural Photographer working with architects, engineers, developers, designers, artists, journalists and visualisation companies to produce iconic architectural images and video (All images copyright Simon Kennedy, London Architectural Photographer)

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Hams Way Pedestrian and Cycle Bridge
Moxon Architects

A very recent shoot, this involved an early start but was well worth it as I was rewarded by some very dramatic lighting conditions. This stunning structure was designed by London- and Scotland-based Moxon Architects in collaboration with Cowi Group, and is a pedestrian and cycle bridge in Worcester.

The design draws references from other bridges in the area, with an arched construction that features a 42m bowstring truss, with leaning concrete piers. By careful design and detailing the bridge’s proportions give an impression of weightlessness, both during the day and especially at night, when the beautifully integrated lighting looks incredible.

By virtue of its minimalist, industrial aesthetic, the angles and lengths, and the integrated lighting, the bridge creates an extraordinary landmark and the experience of crossing it is cinematic.

The bridge has already won awards and I suspect it will win quite a few more… ⠀

Architectural Photography completed over one day. All images copyright Simon Kennedy, London Architectural Photographer.