Energy From Waste

Architectural photographer. 01 of 11
Architectural photographer
Dusk view of the architecture. 2 of 11
Dusk view of the architecture
Interior photography. 03 of 11
Interior photography
Stunning views out across St Helier bay. 04 of 11
Stunning views out across St Helier bay
Interior architecture view. 05 of 11
Interior architecture view
View from roof of facility. 06 of 11
View from roof of facility
Jersey Energy From Waste Facility roof. 07 of 11
Jersey Energy From Waste Facility roof
Steel truss. 08 of 11
Steel truss
Facility arrival forecourt. 09 of 11
Facility arrival forecourt
View from St Helier bay. 10 of 11
View from St Helier bay
Interior view of the facility. 11 of 11
Interior view of the facility

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