Architectural Photography of Blackrock Quarry Training Centre by Haverstock Associates

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A new training centre for Avon and Somerset Police in Bristol, the building contains highly specialist spaces, such as two fire ranges and tactical training facilities, plus offices and classrooms. The 5,800 sq.m police training facility blends seamlessly into the base of a disused quarry and is perceiving as an integrated part of the landscape. The brief was made even more challenging due to the site having significant habitat issues. The presence of nesting Peregrine falcons meant that the design and construction had to be phased around the nesting season to avoid disturbance.

The building emerges echoing the geometry of the quarry workings. To further blend with the quarry walls, the exposed elevations of the building are faced in hand-filled angled stone gabions. The building is covered with a bio-diverse roof that over time merges building with the adjacent rugged landscape. Underneath, a structural solution provides the necessary ballistic protection as well as acoustic insulation to protect the local wildlife. Haverstock developed the specialist facilities in close consultation with numerous departments of the Avon & Somerset Police force – from the management team to the day-to-day end users, in order to ensure that the building met their very specific needs and wishes.

Due to the very specific Home Office requirements, some very challenging issues such as the large ventilation demands of firing ranges were presented to Haverstock. As a result, the slatted timber soffit over the entrance also serves as a large plenum, drawing air into the plant room adjacent and then down into the ranges. The training facilities are designed to be simple, practical, safe, secure and robust whilst the front of house and admin spaces have richer palette of materials and a more refined aesthetic.

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Blackrock Quarry Fire Ranges and Technical Training Centre photograph
Blackrock Quarry Fire Ranges and Technical Training Centre photograph. 1 of 14.

Entrance photograph with Gabion Wall and Timber soffit
Entrance photograph with Gabion Wall and Timber soffit. 2 of 14.

Main facade elevation photograph.
Main facade elevation photograph. 3 of 14.

Solar panelling
Solar panelling. 4 of 14.

London interiors photographer
London interiors photographer. 5 of 14.

Internal lighting simulation
Internal lighting simulation. 6 of 14.

Fluorescent illumination of practice area
Fluorescent illumination of practice area. 7 of 14.

Recreation activity spaces
Recreation activity spaces. 8 of 14.

Interior multi purpose stage with false doors
Interior multi purpose stage with false doors. 9 of 14.

Gabion wall architectural detail photography
Gabion wall architectural detail photography. 10 of 14.

Stone and shadow architectural detail photograph
Stone and shadow architectural detail photograph. 11 of 14.

Haverstock Associates, training facility night photograph
Haverstock Associates, training facility night photograph. 12 of 14.

London Architectural Photographer
London Architectural Photographer. 13 of 14.

Hillside context showing floodlights photographed at dusk, Bristol
Hillside context showing floodlights photographed at dusk, Bristol. 14 of 14.

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