Architectural Photographer. 01 of 12
Architectural Photographer
Toybox Elevation.  02 of 12
Toybox Elevation
London architectural intervention photography. 03 of 12
London architectural intervention photography.
Overall view of Toybox. 04 of 12
Overall view of Toybox
Portable installation detail view. 05 of 12
Portable installation detail view
Interactions. 06 of 12
Different levels for different ages. 07 of 12
Different levels for different ages
Portable architectural intervention device. 08 of 12
Portable architectural intervention device
Architectural Photography London. 09 of 12
Architectural Photography London
6mm MDF construction. 11 of 12
6mm MDF construction
Architectural interactions. 11 of 12
Architectural interactions
ToyBox by Studio Gil. 12 of 12
ToyBox by Studio Gil

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