Architectural Photographer. 01 of 12

Architectural Photographer

Toybox Elevation.  02 of 12

Toybox Elevation

London architectural intervention photography. 03 of 12

London architectural intervention photography.

Overall view of Toybox. 04 of 12

Overall view of Toybox

Portable installation detail view. 05 of 12

Portable installation detail view

Interactions. 06 of 12


Different levels for different ages. 07 of 12

Different levels for different ages

Portable architectural intervention device. 08 of 12

Portable architectural intervention device

Architectural Photography London. 09 of 12

Architectural Photography London

6mm MDF construction. 11 of 12

6mm MDF construction

Architectural interactions. 11 of 12

Architectural interactions

ToyBox by Studio Gil. 12 of 12

ToyBox by Studio Gil

Architectural Photography of ToyBox by Studio Gil, Portable installation, London, 2014, Studio Gil
Architectural photography of the ToyBox installation by Studio Gil Architects. This portable piece of architecture was constructed from laser-cut 6mm MDF, and is held together entirely by compression joints, removing the need for adhesives or dowels. The design features games and activities at 3 different height levels, the complexity of the activities correlating to the age and therefore height of different children. Architectural photography completed over 1 day. (All images copyright Simon Kennedy, London Architectural Photographer)