Street facade.1/18
Street facade. 1/18
White atrium with roof light.2/18
White atrium with roof light. 2/18
Garden facade.3/18
Garden facade. 3/18
Bedroom with large roof light and corner glazing.4/18
Bedroom with large roof light and corner glazing. 4/18
Staircase and hall.5/18
Staircase and hall. 5/18
Metal cladding on front facade.6/18
Metal cladding on front facade. 6/18
Courtyard garden with planting.7/18
Courtyard garden with planting. 7/18
Staircase and hall with roof light.8/18
Staircase and hall with roof light. 8/18
Sitting room.9/18
Sitting room. 9/18
Bespoke kitchen.10/18
Bespoke kitchen. 10/18
Staircase with concrete steps and cantilevering balustrade.11/18
Staircase with concrete steps and cantilevering balustrade. 11/18
Street facade.12/18
Street facade. 12/18
Walk-in wardrobe with roof light.13/18
Walk-in wardrobe with roof light. 13/18
Garden facade with metal cladding.14/18
Garden facade with metal cladding. 14/18
Bedroom with corner glazing.15/18
Bedroom with corner glazing. 15/18
Flint cladding.16/18
Flint cladding. 16/18
Bedroom with large roof light.17/18
Bedroom with large roof light. 17/18
Bathroom with horizontal window.18/18
Bathroom with horizontal window. 18/18

Simon Kennedy is a London Architectural Photographer working with architects, engineers, developers, designers, artists, journalists and visualisation companies to produce iconic architectural images and video (All images copyright Simon Kennedy, London Architectural Photographer)

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